Walking Tall

There is a whole lot going on in the world right now!  Sadly, we are once again presented with stories, videos, and images of war.  And within these vides we still see the ugliness of racism rear its head.  There is poverty, depravity and vileness of all kinds that is taken place and unfortunately none of these are new to any of us.

We have read about war of some kind since the beginning of time as well as impoverished lands and people groups.  The more we fight against racism the louder and stronger it seems to become appearing to be on the rise instead of decreasing.

These images present truths that are in the world, but they do not have to represent your truth.  Each of us has the ability to choose the path that we wish to walk down and must do so boldly and without reservation. 

You can decide to chart a different course, take a stand, and walk a road than your ancestors, friends, and family.  They decided for themselves, and you have the right to do the same.

They may have decided on hate, but if hate does not fit you, put on a different outfit.  Love may fit you like a glove, envelope you and make you feel your absolute best.  Refuse to put on someone else’s armor because their battle is not yours to fight.

Choose your own direction without requiring their opinion.  Opinions are commonplace, but your truth is not. 

Sometimes you are the one chosen to step off of the beaten path to blaze a new trail for others to follow.  If you do not walk tall and make sure steps (even in unknown territory) those who were meant to walk in the path behind, will have a hard time reaching their destination.

We are all walking on the journey to our destiny.  Do not let the voices of others become burdens but allow them to be a guidebook of what direction to take or not to take.  You must learn to “eat the meat and throw away the bones.”  Your journey is exclusively yours and so are the decisions that you must make to get you to the final destination.  Lift your head up, walk with your shoulders back and look ahead.  There is so much promise even in the world that seems full of chaos.  There is a place that has been prepared just for you.  Refuse to let others bring you down, change your countenance or your will to persevere.  There is much ahead that includes happiness and goodness.  Keep walking! And make sure you are walking tall. 


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