Participation Points

We can spend hours watching TV.  We praise the performances of actors and actresses who have developed their crafts so much that we believe that they are the people that they are portraying on the screens.

We go to concerts to hear the best singers, instrumentalist, and musicians.  We sit in admiration of their talents and gifts that bless us, take us on trips down memory lane and inspire our futures. 

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with being entertained.  I enjoy entertainment of various kinds; however, we should not always be the observer in life.  We must find our giftings and share them with the world as well.

Last year I read over forty books, thousands of articles, and hundreds of blog post.  This year I have also been reading enthusiastically.  Until about a week ago it dawned on me that I have been reading so much that I have not taken the time to express myself through writing. 

Writing is one of my great joys.  I enjoy it over most things and believe that I have a lot of fantastic things to share with my audience, but I for a while I had muted my voice because I filled my time with listening to others.   Do not get me wrong.  Other voices are important and help to provide different perspectives and have been encouraging, motivational and even thought provoking.  Some of the things I have read have opened my mind to historical data I had no idea of, while other literature has appalled me with the truth of present-day tragedies happening in my state and our nation.

When I was in school to encourage the classroom of students to speak and be a part of a discussion the teacher would advise that participation points were available. These few points could provide a cushion for a not so superior paper or test grade, but it also helped to really engage in learning the subject and to see what others understanding and or opinion was.

It is easy to sit back and let others “get it down;” however, what we miss makes a huge difference in our development.  The more you sit on a gift or passion the more work it takes on the other side to get it back. 

I am here to encourage you today to become a participator.  Be an active contributor to the world by showing up in places and spaces that will provide you the opportunity to share the best parts of you.

The point is to not sit down on yourself.  You have too much inside of you to sit on the sidelines and watch others “do their thing.”  Sing your song, draft your story, teach, touch and reach!  You will find your participation in life provides benefits that bless you and others!

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