A Certain Woman Personal Application Guide

Living Life Without Doubts

Take a journey of self-discovery, attaining wisdom and application of life promoting truths while exploring the lives of unnamed woman in the bible! Come and learn how being certain can change everything in your life! This is a workbook so be ready to write, think and apply these principals to your life.



Devotions for the Seasoned Woman

This is a book of devotions crafted to empower and inspire your every day! 

Take these words of wisdom with you any time of day. These profound truths will ease your burden, enlighten you and simply make your life better!

The Encounter

Everyone desires to have that one in a lifetime meeting that changes everything. The women whose stories are exposed in this book will speak to that special moment! Their stories will inspire you and make you look within.

This book is written in story form. It is a Christian fiction.

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BeComing Certain