Fundamental Things

When we are young, we have no idea of how the systems of your bodies work.  It is not until we are older that we understand the significance of our heart, brain, kidneys, lungs, and other systems of the body. 

We are taught early to recognize the shape and color of a heart and that it represents love, but we are not taught how essential it is to life itself.  We know that it can hurt but we do not know that we can hurt it by not treating it right.  It takes many years for us to understand the functionality and the “do’s and don’ts” of healthy living and even with the knowledge we may not always do what is best.

Oftentimes it is not until we are in a dire situation medically that we put focus on handling our bodies correctly and we end up in situations where we try to reverse the problems that we have caused ourselves. 

Our society tends to follow trends that are based on the marketing of a new product. It is more about buying and selling then anything else.  New diets, exercise workouts, pills, tonics, clothing and even down to mindsets are typically about making money and not strictly about bettering or enhancing humanity.  

New gimmicks seem to provide motivation to get on track; however, it is mostly temporary.  It is not until we begin to focus on the fundamentals that we get it all together.

When we look at each other we see images that we believe reflect the thought system and desire of the individual.  We make assumptions that if someone is very thin that they do not eat a lot and desire the appearance. The same applies to someone who is overweight.  However, as you grow in knowledge you come to understand that there could be disorders in the body that cause either of these assumptions to be totally false.  Which is why the old saying “you cannot judge a book by its cover” is an accurate statement.

Our culture teaches us a lot and our eyes and ears can deceive us.  Therefore, it is vitally important that we go back to some fundamental truths.  These are the ones I wish to focus on today:

  1. What goes up must come down

Sir Isaac Newton is credited for observing and documenting certain laws.  One of these is the Law of Gravity.  This law of course is scientific in nature; however, the same applies to life.  There will be times when we feel like we are on the top of the mountain.  This is when all things are going the way we desire and are hitting on all cylinders. 

We should be expectant that we will also go through times where we visit the valley.  These are the days and weeks and potentially months that nothing appears to be going as planned.  

Please note that we should only visit the valley.  We are not meant live there.  We should find a place in the middle and learn to be content, yet not complacent.

  • 2. Weather cannot be scheduled.

We have all had the experience where we planned a big day, and the weather did not cooperate.  While we feel disappointed and sometimes let down, we also know that the elements cannot take away the meaning and real reason behind the special day planned and, in most cases, we carry on.

We must take this same mindset into our everyday living.  It will rain and in some environments sleet and slow in our lives.  We will feel the cold and annoyance of the liquid elements on our head and the heaviness it can put on our shoulders.  We understand the danger and detriment they can bring.  However, we also understand the liquid elements are necessary for continued growth just as much as the sunshine is. 

If we are being real, we also realize that the sun can become scorching and dangerous to our skin if we sit in it too long unprotected.  This means we need to operate in balance.

We have become entranced with the trend and popular fads, but It is the fundamental things that matter most.  Let us keep sight of what is essential, pertinent, and critical to our total wellbeing and work towards building better versions of ourselves that sustain into old age.  

Stay tuned for Part 2

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