We are here to assist YOU in taking life by its reigns and changing it for the better! You have just stumbled upon a life transforming portal! We are here to authorize and sanction you to Live Inspired! Get Ready! It’s Time to Soar!

This page is ALL about EMPOWERMENT!

My name is Jotwyla! (I bet you haven’t met another one). I am an ORIGINAL and have lived my whole life standing out! I love to laugh out loud (because laughter is contagious). I thrive on making the world around me better!

I m an Empowerment Specialist! (Put an E.S. after my name 🙂 This simply means I am good at making people better. I provide input, output and assistance in authorizing YOU to live inspired! I do this through coaching, speaking and writing!

I am a Certified Life Coach, a wife, minister, mother, sister, and friend! I use my life experiences and those I’ve observed and many lessons learned to provide easy strategies to aid You in doing and being better!

Welcome aboard! It’s time to Soar!