The Beauty Behind

Riding on the passenger seat of a car gives you the advantage of seeing the details of the things you pass on the trip. You are able to observe the color of the front door of a home or that someone is at home standing in the window.  You are able to view the landscape and determine the type of plants and flowers that reside on the property.  From my position in the passenger seat, I often describe the beauty that surrounds us to the driver. 

The other day as I sat in my familiar seat, I noticed a bright light in my peripheral vision.  I looked out the window at the rearview mirror and saw the most beautiful sunset.  I love sunsets and the beautiful rays covered the sky with oranges and goldenrods and yellow everywhere in the spectrum.  There were cars behind me, but they were almost unnoticeable in comparison to the splendor that my eyes were already beholding.

This was a great reminder that there is beauty behind us.  We all have great memories of loved ones who have moved on to their eternal life whom we would love to see their faces, hear their voices and converse with just one more time.  We have also had experiences that we will never forget.  Perhaps a concert of your favorite artist with your favorite people or a once in a lifetime vacation with great excursions, famous monuments, good food and interesting cultures.  The good behind us may consists of awards and accolades and various accomplishments or maybe just great friends that came in and out of our lives along the journey. 

But we must always know that the beauty behind us will never outshine the beauty ahead; unless we keep our focus on what is behind us.

The beauty ahead comes in the form of new adventures, new events, learned skills and new people!  I am not in a rush for grandchildren, but at this state in my life the thoughts of the next generation of my lineage and legacy does come to mind from time to time.  With my grandchildren will come totally new and blank canvases that I will be responsible for assisting to mold and develop. Their experience of what a grandparent is will come partially from me and that is very humbling and fascinating.   

Ahead of us there are lives that need to be touched and ministered to, and people that will need a voice to speak into their situations.  With all of this comes personal fulfillment and oh so much magnificence.   The splendor of life never has to come to end.  But we must position ourselves accurately so that the light of new days does not dull. 

We must place ourselves in the company of those who are forward lookers and thinkers.  Just because we are aging does not mean that we cannot keep up with people, places, and things.

Refuse to let people put you in a box.  Remain active physically and activated mentally. Get away from those who only want to talk about yesteryears and days gone by.  These are those who decided to stop looking forward, and they are not our kind of people. 

Do not allow the beauty behind to rob you of what is to come.  It really has no power but what you give it.  Stop fueling it and start looking forward to the greatness to come!  


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