Going Back

If you know me I am sure the title has thrown you off because I am always talking about “focusing forward”. I stand by it completely; however, there are occasions when going back is necessary and personal.

Almost 10 months ago I moved almost 1000 miles away from where I was born and lived my entire life.

I can honestly say it was a great decision. I felt quickly comfortable in my new space and have settled in quite easily. I know my way around and have a great neighborhood and am enjoying building new bonds.

I have spent more time with myself than ever before and have developed new routines. The climate allows for a more active lifestyle that I have learned to enjoy!

So now, I am on my way back for the first time. I am excited to see my parents, my sisters and my church family. I am glad for the opportunity to spend the time. I am excited to see how things have changed and how I have changed.

But I am also wondering about how things will feel. Going back is different from when you resides there. Now I will be an overnight guest when before I only visited and went home.I will be dependent on someone to get me around. I do not get to make the choices. I will be in a familiar place without familiar privileges.

All the same, I am thrilled to see who I have become since leaving everything and everyone I have known since Day 1.

We should all have a going back experience. Not just for the heart and the joy that it brings but for the examination.

I am looking forward to what I discover and to sharing it with you!

One thought on “Going Back

  1. I totally understand that mind set. After moving back to my home town then going back to my home of 30 years……It is quite an experience that causes a bit of introspection.


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