Code of Determination

Looking through some notes I found some information that re-energized and refocused me.  It would be selfish of me not to share it with you! 

Enjoy these simple but profound statements and apply them to your life as your personal Code of Determination. 

1.       I WILL never give up when doing right! 

You are doing the right thing so keep it up.  Refuse to allow time and circumstances to turn your attention.  Eventually, the tide will change, and you will see the results of your effort.  Do not be weary when you see others prosper in their work.  Rejoice with them and continue to prepare for your success.

2. I WILL believe that ALL things are working for me; therefore, I will hold on and out!

Choose the narrative that you will consider instead of following into the same line of thought from those around you.  Determine that ALL things will come together for you.  Believe that the good and the bad that you encounter will come together to promote growth and greater understanding.  Hold on to your progress and hold out for your change. 

3.       I WILL be brave and WILL NOT be discouraged! 

Courage is a necessity for big and small task alike. As you mature, nerve is needed for more skilled task and specific conditions. You need the courage to say “No” to people, places and things that no longer fit the profile of where you are headed. You need courage to walk away from situations that no longer support your goals. Stay brave in the face of deterrence. Face the circumstances head on and keep it moving

4.       I WILL fight to overcome obstructions!

You will encounter barriers.  But your stance is to fight through them.  Be like a track runner and run towards the obstacle and not away from it.  When it comes into your sight you may not have the space to go around it, so leap over it!  Triumph over what was sent to slow you down.  You are headed somewhere do not let the blockage deter you.

5.       I WILL Not be intimidated!

Know upfront that there will be nouns (people, places and things) that will try to make you feel small. Conversations may arise that are unsettling to you due to your experience level, but you must not tuck your tail and hide. Advise those around you that you are aware that you lack practice but you are willing to learn and are ready to give it your all to increase your understanding. Refuse to be frightened.

6.       I WILL Never surrender to desolation or deterrence!

You have a destiny and a future that has been planned by God.  Do not submit your purpose to despair.  You will feel discouraged some days.  Everyone does!  You are not alone in that and  you will get through it. 

7.       I WILL try over and over to accomplish my desires!

Reality says that it may take you more than one attempt to complete a new task. You will need to tweak your response, your ability, and competency level.

Understanding that it will take multiple tries upfront will save you from giving in when you’re on the 2nd, 3rd or 20th attempt. Keep trying, you will accomplish!

8.       I WILL take new faith from past victories into my tomorrows!

The great thing about past victories is that you have gained knowledge of how to do something, but much more is that you understand that it can be accomplished.  The pride and joy felt after completing should be a seed to take into the next venture.  Do not stop at completion and build a monument.  Use it as motivation to pursue further. 

9.       I WILL focus and accept the good things that appear in my day!

Negativity has become so pervasive and prevalent that it is difficult for many to accept good things. There is a belief that something bad must follow a good deed, event, or action. Learn to focus on the good things that come into your life and make them priority. Do not waste time with negativity. Make it minor and refuse to give it credence. You will see a huge difference in the mood of each day.

10.   I WILL look forward. 

The only reason to look back is to learn. You can learn from great achievements, good ideas or from mistakes, but if you are not learning stop looking behind you. Fix your focus on what is in front of you. You need to focus where you are going. None of us can go back in time to change anything; however, if there is breath in your body looking forward is an option. Choose it!


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