Monday Morning Thoughts

Another work week has began.

It’s time to start again.

What’s going on in the world around me is on my mind.

The morning news provides me with data and events happening overnight and to come.

Information is always being cycled about everything and everyone but there are only two who know what’s going on in you!

You may be worried about your future, work, spouse, children or other matters of the heart. You may not feel like getting out of the bed today. You may want to be “in your feelings” and remain overwhelmed and overcome. But before you do, continue reading!

God is fully aware of your innermost thoughts. He understands your longings and desires. He is knowledgeable of your shortcomings and areas where you have failed. He is concerned with your state of mind. He loves you without condition. He does not have to ask anyone about your attitude, what you did last night or if you’re worthy of love. He loves you no matter what and has a plan for your success!

Start your Monday speaking to Him. Laying your feelings, thoughts and cares at His feet. Giving Him all of you including your plans for the day, week and the months ahead. He can handle it.

Allow Him to replace your agenda with His and follow it completely!

This week can be recreated! It can be changed for the better! You can experience a turnaround!

It’s Monday morning! A time to surrender, a day to release and a moment to receive all that has been prepared for the days ahead!


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