Positioned to Flourish

Most people desire to flourish. The aspiration to succeed comes with the commencement of a new life, marriage, job or business and should be connected with a plan to thrive and prosper.

A new baby, partnership, position/career or business also come with long nights, increased workload, need for capital and perhaps some anxiety.

Adding the correct perspective to goal setting will assist in developing the strategy to get you to the finish line.

A gardener understands to produce a beautiful and luxurious garden will take digging, planting and patience. Nothing happens without dedication, diligence and time.

Knowing where to dig (being sure to have the right soil for the product) and when to plant (somethings should be sown in different seasons of life) will ensure success.

Patience is crucial because flourishing is a process. Sun and rain in combination allows the germination of the bulb. Growth takes time.

The beginning of the growth cycle goes unseen but eventually becomes noticeable; but, still cannot be rushed!

It is only with time that the splendor and beauty will be apparent and ready for appreciation.

A posture of hard work, attentiveness, persistence and patience is a setup for a prosperous and flourishing life!

Get in position!

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