Motivated by Pain

Pain crashes into your life establishing itself as a formidable foe that is intent on ruining the party and staying awhile.

It makes its plan to move in well known (Incase you thought it was just here for a visit).

It’s desire is to stop you from enjoying and being fully involved in the best parts of living.

Pain comes to take advantage of you and hopes to ruin your day and remove the bliss of the evening.

But, instead of allowing Pain to have it’s way you should think twice!

Do not let Pain get the upper hand! Flip the script. Change the game plan. Choose to use Pain as a motivator!

Regardless of the type of pain that burst into your life, you can use it to make you better!

When pain arrives hit it with a one-two punch combination of motivation and willpower!

Although pain seeks to drain you of enthusiasm for the things you once loved and cared about it do not allow it to stop you!

Continue to get up! Force your self out of bed, go outside and sit in the sun, take a walk or swim a lap. Keep socializing, go to lunch, join a committee or attend a conference. Perhaps you cannot do what you previously handled with no consequence, but do what you can!

Let pain know that you have staying power! You will not allow it to invade your life and steal your joy, peace and happiness!

When pain comes with force you must hit back with a stronger blow!

Refuse to surrender to it’s assault in your way of life and commit to living without it!

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