Unprecedented Times

A reflection of the last 10 months brings to mind the many moments that our families and nation noted and experienced out of the ordinary, a typical and unparalleled times.

We woke up many days to disturbing news regarding illnesses and even death of our neighbors and relatives, we experienced both heartache and heartbreak.

We have watched death toll numbers tick up like the bar for a campaign fundraiser each day increasing at a steady pace.

We have listened to dissenting opinions, heard bickering in unusual places and watched frictions grow in our government and churches.

We experienced the first insurrection in our lifetime along with the first president to be impeached twice.

Regardless of what side you stand on relating to these things, there must be an admittance that these are unprecedented times!

But, in the midst of these days we are going to witness an inauguration. An inauguration Is the marking of a beginning. It is the ceremony of impending change . It symbolizes a reset. In government it brings in a new administration with new leadership and influence.

Let us also allow a new beginning in our lives. We must open ourselves up to the idea that things can change in our lives. We can have new experiences and move ahead to brighter days.

Let us work on an inauguration address for our lives. We have lived through horrific times and it is now time to speak hope for a better tomorrow!

Is their work involved? Yes. Will it take effort? Yes. Will it take change? Yes. Will it be worth it? Yes!

We will get off of the hamster wheel of fighting and dissension. We will hug our loved ones and see each other’s smiles in person again. We will be familiar with peace again. We will see and be acquainted with unprecedented days ahead and will look forward to them!

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