The Midnight Series Part 4

Joy is on the Way

Midnight comes into every persons life. It is inevitable. It is a part of the cycle. Therefore, it would behoove you to learn to handle it appropriately.

One way to get through the night season is understanding that it is temporary! It comes to pass.

If you are awake in the midnight hour it seems like the longest period to get through, but each hour is the same with 60 minutes in it. The pain, soreness, agitation, confusion or whatever you are dealing with seems to peak in the darkness of night. It’s plan is to overwhelm and overtake you. But, there is good news! If you can just hold on, slivers of daylight will begin streaming through your blinds.

The daylight brings with it clarity and soundness. Science tells us that day light sets off a stream of hormones and neurotransmitters which booster your body making you feel good. Better is waiting for you!

Sometimes you just have to wait midnight out. I heard someone sing the lyrics “if you just hold out ‘til tomorrow. If you just keep faith through the night. If you just hold out ‘til tomorrow. Everything will be alright!”

While you are waiting you must be careful of what you let entertain you. This includes people, places and things. Be vigilant in guarding your heart as you are preparing for morning!

Do not lose heart, take down or back off during midnight. Take your rest knowing that just as the dark came with force, morning is on schedule to arrive ready to fulfill it’s assignment to bring joy! Joy is coming! Look up and out. Brighter days are on the horizon!

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