The Midnight Series Part 2

Matthew 25:6 “And at midnight a cry was heard: ‘Behold, the bridegroom is coming; go out to meet him!’ [NKJV]

There is a parable in the Bible that tells the story of the 10 virgins who were bridesmaids/ladies-in-waiting watching for an encounter with the bridegroom. The wedding party was coming to celebrate and they wanted to be participants; however, the party did not arrive as planned and the ladies became drowsy and fell asleep until they heard the cry at midnight.

Have you ever anticipated an event and it did not occur at the expected time? Did you start to become restless and perhaps a little weary because the adrenaline wore off? If so, you understand these ladies. You must also understand the lesson presented.

Five of the ladies prepared themselves for a delay. They predicted that anything could happen to cause a suspension of the timetables they were working with so they brought extra oil.

You must use wisdom and make provision for probabilities before you go. The excitement of getting there must be equally met with expectations of what could occur. You should not worry but do plan! Foreseeing the possibilities and formulating a plan to work through them shows insight and keeps priorities aligned.

If you operate with perception while you are awake you will be prepared if you are roused at midnight.

Do not let the darkness of midnight catch you off guard and get you down. Have your oil ready and trim your lamp! When your lamp is filled with oil the darkness will not make you fearful, your steps will be sure and you will accomplish what you set out to do!

Refuse to be foolish. Strategize, be prepared and act accordingly before you encounter midnight and all it brings, keeping in mind that most folks do not share their oil at midnight!

Using wisdom and being prepared allows you to enjoy the party no matter what time it finally begins!

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