The Midnight Series

Part 1

Midnight marks the closing of one day and the commencement of another. If you planned to be awake at midnight it is with purpose. If you did not plan to be awake it does not feel good or comfortable.

Studies show that the longer you are awake your inhibitions decrease allowing you to feel free and without care. Your reservations are diminished and you might think, say or do things you normally would not. If you are awake and around others they are probably feeling the same which leads you to push buttons that would normally remain untouched.

Besides the cover of darkness and quiet, crimes happen in the midnight hour because those committing them have less apprehension.

At midnight your level of restraint is down, you throw off reservations and let down your hang-ups! Therefore, a word of warning is required.

You might be ALERT, but you must be equally AWARE in order to deny ACCESS. Because everyone cannot handle you at the APEX of A.M.

You must be diligent about your circle when you arrive at a “midnight hour” in your life. A midnight hour is the moment when everything is about to change.

You must recognize that everyone will not be excited about where you are headed while others want to get on your wagon so you can pull them along.

Some will say you are too much while others say you do not have what it takes! Some will attempt to get you to go further than you planned while others will try their best to hold you back. Everyone cannot handle you at midnight.

Do not let midnight catch you off guard. Be conscious of what the new day has in store and operate accordingly. The midnight hour requires you to be at your best, knowledgeable and observant. Do not be caught without your oil.

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