Let Your Hair Down

There is a level of conformity that it takes to be successful. There are standards, requirements and rules to follow. Regardless of the profession, there is a level of certainty expected in order to attain the paycheck. You are expected to either work a designated amount of hours or until the project is complete, show up in person or online and be accessible and accountable to work associates and management.

Most companies have some type of dress code. Whether it be business professional or casual, there are set guidelines. Some require uniforms where everyone looks the same while other uniforms provide clarity of position.

There are rules to enter stores such as “no shoes, no shirt, no service”. While certain places require, sports coats and formal attire.

The point is, formalities are everywhere, even at home. There are standards in the household that aid in keeping order, cleanliness and peace. Some have scheduled laundry days, weekly bathroom and dusting schedules and times to do deep cleaning.

Formalities are hard to escape, but every now and then you must “let your hair down”.

Give yourself a moment to come out of the uniform, take your hair out of the bun, loosen your tie, forget the gel and just relax. Remove yourself from the daily stimuli and just chill.

Do not wait until your scheduled time-off (formality) when you leave the country on an exotic vacation to do it. Give yourself the freedom to skip the routine once in a while.

Take a random day off and do nothing or something that you have always wanted to do but “couldn’t find the time”. Put on that dress, jumper or shoes that you love , but “no one could imagine you in”. Go make-up free, wear your hair in its natural state or put on a hat!

Instead of writing a report, review or entering data take some time to journal your own thoughts, desires and dreams.

The moments of informality allow you to be carefree and are necessary to maintain balance. They provide a reset and can become moments of clarity.

So in the words of Corrine Bailey Rae, “put your records on, tell me your favorite song you go ahead, let your hair down!”

2 thoughts on “Let Your Hair Down

  1. Great advise. Even in retirement I keep an agenda and work schedule but every once in a while I let my chores slip and just read or do crafts.


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