Turn the Page

Reading is a past time enjoyed by many. Books are read all over the world and in various settings. A good book transports the reader from the reality they live in to the world created by the writer.

The best books will keep the reader engaged to the point that it is difficult to put the book down. These books are referred to as “page turners”. A book in this category is so exciting, suspenseful and interesting that you cannot wait to learn what will happen next.

Turning the page will surely reveal the unknown, the unexpected and sometimes undesired. It may cause surprise, suspicion or bring a smile. The next page could fulfill hopes or dash a dream. The following page could reveal victory for the underdog or the villain; however,it could also be a continuation of the journey with no climax in site.

The best writers understand the art of taking you to the edge and slowly bringing you back building intrigue with every word, inviting you to turn the page (or in our digital space scroll left or up).

Life is an open book with new adventures awaiting. Twists and turns, rises and falls, ins and outs and multiple plot twist are written in the pages therein. As in every good book, life also has a climax and it will only be attained if the page is turned.

A book can be sat back on a shelf and picked up at a more appropriate or selected time. The same is not true of life; however, refusing to turn the page will cause progress to stop and hinder transition and transformation.

Do not be afraid of what is ahead. Look forward to what is written next. Get your finger on the page and prepare to turn!

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