You Are Not an Elephant

It is Time to Give Birth

You are great, phenomenal, majestic, and meant to make big footprints on the earth.  You are made highly intelligent, with intricate emotions, feelings, compassion, and self-understanding.  You are supposed to stand tall and produce joy in the hearts of mankind.  You have something so special that men will hunt you down to get what you were born with, but you are NOT an elephant!

Big things take time to develop and form into what they are meant to be, and we know this to be true of the elephant as the largest land mammal in our time.  The elephant’s gestation period is amazingly long taking approximately 22 months.  The elephant has an intellectual brain which takes time to develop in the womb along with its sheer size.  You are developing mighty and marvelous things as well; however, you are made to give birth in a shorter time.  Stop confusing yourself with the elephant!

You must know that the world is waiting on what you have been entrusted to mature.  You must release it.  Your gift to the world is ready to be seen, heard, and experienced.  Stop holding it in and start pushing.

The unique opportunity you have been provided to nurture and nourish a gift that will bless the world and change the lives of others is incredible.   However, people tend to hold onto things that are deemed valuable.  Who wants to give up a masterpiece portrait or piece of art? No one really; however, when you give it to a museum the work is shared with the world and many can stand in awe of its greatness!  

You also feel the need to protect the gift; however, you have already done your part.  Your womb provided the protection needed at the most vulnerable time of the maturation process.  Once this time is completed your assignment of protecting is done.  The gift is ready for the environment it is born into and will not be overcome.

You have become comfortable with the development, but the time is up! It is a period in which great but hidden advancement takes place.  It takes some getting used to because you are being stretched and extended beyond what seems feasible, but you do it.  You learn to adjust to being uncomfortable, and sometimes feel “out of sorts”, but you keep moving ahead because gestation is not meant to last forever.  

The time has come.  I hope your bag is packed.  You must give birth!  Let go of fear and reserve and push. It is time for the world to experience what you have been cultivating!

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