What is Your Why?

Until the moment of transition to the “sweet by and by” we will wake up daily. However, waking up and starting the day are separate functions. Starting the day takes a conscious and deliberate effort to put your mind to work and at some point, your body.

We start our day because of our why. Many will say that their why is monetarily driven advising that money is the motivator to get out of the bed each day. While on some level this is true, as it takes money to live, there is a deeper reason why we start our day and it is worth exploring!

There are many things that we willingly engage in that may not make us money but bring us enjoyment. A smile on a child’s face after learning a new skill, the satisfaction felt when assisting a neighbor or stranger complete a task, or teaching, training, coaching others to enhance in a variety of ways are the passions that drives some to get out of the bed and start the day.

Whatever we love to do and will do with or WITHOUT compensation is usually an indication of our why which we can also call our purpose.

Purpose is our day starter and working towards fulfilling it brings peace and satisfaction to each day.

Living on purpose guarantees a joyful life. It is moving, breathing and operating at another level. It is living beyond the senses and stirs our souls. Purpose drives us to the many events in life that cost us money without compensation, but we wouldn’t miss for anything!

When we take a moment to dwell on our why it becomes easily apparent. Be encouraged to focus on the why. It changes current perspective and future outlooks!

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