2020 has pulled back the covers of almost everything we thought to be true, real and stable.

What was hidden is now revealed. And what was planned has been forfeited or cancelled. Therefore, it is time to re-evaluate.

Employers have reassessed how work is done. Meetings are now online and everything is virtual. School has been changed in ways we never imagined. Birthday parties, bridal and baby showers are done via Teams, Zoom, or Google chat. Conferences are streamed live and through social media platforms which have also become a mainstay of entertainment. There are no longer crowds to cheer on sports teams and no gathering, hugging and connecting at church.

None of us brought in the new year with these thoughts in our minds. Yet, all of us have been forced to rethink, revise and rearrange our lives due to a global pandemic that has seeped into the fabric of each day.

While we are becoming better at reworking the physical and tangible aspects of our new world, we must also reevaluate how we think.

Our minds want to find a safe place which is familiar and comfortable. People are hoping to go “back to normal.” However, a change so drastic does not allow for a return to what was.

We are all like a caterpillar that is wrapped in a cocoon. 2020 has enveloped and insulated us wrapping us in truths and realities some of us had no desire to know or face. It is forcing us to change, develop and grow.

We must let go of the devices, tools and techniques we once used to get through because they are not necessary and no longer relevant in our new environment.

We have traded work clothes for additional monitors and stronger WiFi. A hug has turned into an elbow tap. But, we have also traded selfishness for concern about the greater good of humanity. We are now cognizant of how our actions can affect our family and neighbors.

Yes, we are changing in this cocoon of 2020. We are building wings for our new environment. We are not revising, modifying and revamping to go back to what was! We are preparing for what will be.

It will be different but we will adjust. Our mindset comes first. Look ahead, not back. Always focus forward. Evaluate knowledge gained and determine how and if it can be applied in the new environment. Stay positive and be thankful to be around to enjoy what is in store.

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