The Millstone and the Would Be King

A millstone is a stone used to grind grain and was popular during biblical times.  Two women would often grind wheat together.  It was a useful tool that brought productivity as well as resources to a village.  The weight of this tool was somewhere between 100-1000 pounds or more depending on the size of the millstone.

In Judges 9 there was something else weighing on the people of the region of Shechem, in the person of Abimelech.

Abimelech determined that he should be king and brought terror to the land by killing his seventy brothers and from there attacking city after city.  The people of the region ran for safety when ever they heard he was near.  Many fell at his attacks, but in the city of Thebez there was a woman who took matters literally into her own hands.

We do not hear the details of how this woman took the millstone to the tower.  How she got it up the stairs, or how she got it out of the window, but what we know is that she had the millstone and used it to provide safety to herself and to stop Abimelech from terrorizing the people of her town.

Who would have thought the millstone would become a weapon? Who would have thought a woman would have been the one to use it in that way?

This story teaches us to never underestimate the will of a person to go after what they want.   Abimelech took vile measures in his contemptible desire to be King.  He literally murdered his potential rivals.  All of them! 

We should never be so ambitious to get our way that we commit malicious acts to get it.  It sounds ludicrous, but how many times has someone’s spirit been assassinated, reputation slain, or character annihilated because of someone else’s self-desire or to make it? Lets’ make the question more personal, How many times have you been in violation of these things? 

On the other side, how many times have we misjudged a person’s ability to make something happen because of their social status, upbringing, or gender? How many times have your abilities been miscalculated?   There is an old saying that goes “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.  This is certainly true of the woman who somehow moved the millstone out of the tower and aimed it towards Abimelech below.

The story ends with Abimelech being so appalled that a woman had brought his reign of terror to an end that he asked someone to thrust him through with a sword so that it would not be said that “a woman killed him”.  I was not there but I would assume that the woman did not wake up that morning saying, “I’m going to bring Abimelech down”, but that is exactly what occurred. 

You never know what will transpire in a day, but what you can determine is that you will do your best to make the most of it the circumstances you find yourself in! 

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