Lessons from the PlayGround


I remember clearly sitting on the circular disk gripping the rails tightly, shouting “faster, faster” and giggling with delight. The exhilaration was exponentially increased when a couple of friends joined and we laughed together. It took the strong arms of another person (parent, sibling, or friend) to propel the merry-go-round into the circular motion that brought us great joy!

As we grow taller and bigger the playground equipment no longer fits our frames and therefore is unable to provide the pleasure it once did.

But we can still derive lessons from these joyous moments in time.

1. There are people out there who desire to assist in your happiness. Let them!

2. The more the merrier. Allow others to join you. You will find that the fun increases when friends are welcome.

3. Life may take you in circles. Take time to enjoy the familiar while readying yourself for what is to come.

4. Understand that life is transitory. You will grow out of, bigger than and past some situations.

5. There is enough merriment to go around. We do not have to hoard it or ration it.

The merry-go-round is sturdy and uses the energy and force that comes from human interaction. It holds the weight of many and still is a source of laughter. We should be the same.

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