Your Environment Matters

Go Where You Will Bloom

A few years ago, I was the recipient of a Christmas present that consisted of some cookies and a cutely packaged bulb for flower.  I read the package that told the story of Amaryllis, a love-struck maiden who longed for the handsome but cold-hearted Alteo. Desperate to win his love, she pierced her heart with a golden arrow and then visited his cottage daily, shedding drops of blood along the way. On the thirtieth day, beautiful scarlet flowers bloomed along the path.  It is a dramatic story that provides a narrative of what someone would do for love.  

I was not that interested in the story, but very curious about the beautiful scarlet flower that was supposed to bloom.  I planted the bulb and soon it grew beautiful green stems, but no flower.  I transported it to a bigger pot with hopes that more space would allow for a blossom and the eventual emergence of the scarlet flower the package boast of.  But after three years and no results I surely thought that I had received a “dud”.  I moved the plant to my downstairs and threw away my expectation.  My husband decided that we would throw it out and use the pot for another plant because it was just “wasting up good soil”, but my Aunt Jackie, advised to bring it back up stairs and sit it by the window.  Determined to give it one more try we conceded and moved the Amaryllis upstairs. 

The green stems grew and became longer and more vibrant, but still no bloom. One day I walked past it and the soil was full of gnats.  Not wanting the pest in my house, I moved the entire pot outside.  I looked out at it from time to time and on further inspection their finally came a bloom.  A few weeks later the emergence of a beautiful red flower.  However, it was to early in the season and the frost came again.  The next day, unexpected and unwanted snow fell.  The next morning the flower had dropped off the stem.  

“That’s it” I thought to myself.  It will slowly die now.  I did not even bother to look out at it.  In fact, I did not water it or tend to it at all.  One day before I left for vacation I looked out and there were more stems that ever in the pot and they were bright green and vibrant!  I thought to myself “what’s going on with this plant” while going on my merry way. 

My son was tasked with watering my many house plants while we were away and told me that he did not water my flowers outside because it had rained.  I heard him but had other questions on my mind to discuss with him, so I did not question what he meant at the time.  When we arrived home, I set at the dinner table to eat and looked out on the deck and was surprised with such beauty.  The Amaryllis had finally blossomed and showcased beautiful scarlet flowers.  The long-awaited flower had finally arrived! 

What a lesson I learned from this process and that is that your environment matters. I thought this plant was meant to be a house plant and had strived with it for years complaining that it was insufficient, lacking, faulty and flawed. I gave up on it and thought it could never reach its full potential. After the frost, I left it for ruin. But the whole time, there was nothing wrong with the plant, the problem was I did not have it in the right environment. Many people are not operating to their maximum capacity (this could be you) but are afraid to get out of their current environment and move onto to somewhere new. But in that place is where they will receive the proper amount of sun, rain, and air to thrive. Do not count people out and put them down because they are not flourishing where you are. Release them to move forward and try a new environment. The Amaryllis taught me so much more than love, it showed me that in the right place you will bloom!

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