Through The Sea

Are you facing the unknown? Have you come to a point in the journey where there appears to be no way forward?  What do you do when you cannot see ahead, but you refuse to go back? 

The answer is plan and simple.  You go through! 

In Exodus the children of Israel found themselves in a conundrum.  Their enemy was coming fast and closing in on them.   There was a whole sea in front of them and no where to run or hide.  They cried out for God to deliver them and murmured and complained to Moses citing how things would have been if they would have stayed bound. 

What was God’s answer to their cries and complaints? He said, “go forward”.  Exodus 14: 15 And the Lord said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me? speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward: 

Forward?  God do you understand what forward means? Do you see what is forward? Is this your understanding of an exodus? To come out of bondage and walk into a sea of water? God, have you thought this through?  It seems funny, but many of us have asked the same questions when we found ourselves “between a rock and a hard place” without a tangible solution to the crisis surrounding us.  

We wonder why God has allowed us to get into this type of condition and cannot fathom why He would lead us here.  We begin to question all motives, including Gods.  

Instead of questioning we should get into a place to hear because God will speak.  He does not leave us comfortless so we should except him to provide instruction in calamity.  I will give you this piece of advice so that you are prepared when God speaks.  God will usually advise you to do something out of the ordinary! He’s God. Why do we expect anything less?  We ask God questions and wait for him to respond as we would; but, we must remember that “God is not a man”; therefore, we should anticipate His advice to be “go forward” into the hard, difficult, and tough place.  

Because He is God, we can also look forward to Him “making a way in the wilderness” and “creating a way out of no way”. We should look forward to not seeing the present enemy in our future and be excited for the victory that surely awaits us!

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